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Watch A iPhone X Be Blended On Will It Blend

Ah, new technology is always awesome.  And when new tech comes out, the YouTube channel Blendtec and their hit show Will It Blend will always be a part of that new tech action.  In […]

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Apple’s Latest Products Are Why It’s Losing Steam And Catching Up

Last week, Apple announced the new iPhone 6, Apple Watch, and Apple Pay.  Since CEO Tim Cook is from South Alabama, and I have read many articles and watched many videos about […]

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The iPhone 5S Is A Waste of Money

Every year, new models of smartphones are released to the public.  And Apple continued the tradition today by announcing the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.  Also, the new operating system for […]

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The iPhone 5 is Here!

  All of the tech world has focused today on Apple Headquarters as the announcement of the iPhone 5 was made today!  There were also new announcements today for the iPod and iTunes as […]

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Why I Need A New Phone

I have to admit it; I need a new phone!  Every time I go out to an event I get embarrassed to pull out my basic cheap cell phone while watching everyone else playing on their smart […]

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