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Foodie Saturdays: The First Alabama Shoney’s Serving Alcohol

Shoney’s used to be a major staple in Alabama and the southeast.  But the company has shrunk a lot, now they are starting to come back.  And Shoney’s has gotten into the […]

Four Reasons Why Oxford Alabama Needs To Get Over It And Allow Sunday Alcohol Sales

Here in East Alabama, several cities have passed laws that allow Sunday alcohol sales.  Anniston, Jacksonville, Piedmont, Lincoln, Riverside, Pell City, Gadsden, Southside, Rainbow City, and other cities allow businesses to sell alcohol on Sundays.  But, there is one large city left […]

The Lab Takes A Look To See If You Can Trick A Breathalyzer

So, if you had too much to drink, and wanted to get behind the wheel.  Before I go further, NEVER drink and drive!  Are there ways to trick an breatalyzer?  The Lab […]

Boating While Intoxicated Laws Are Stricter In Alabama This Summer

Alabama, it’s home to some wonderful lakes!  And many people take advantage of these lakes and gets on a boat and ride on the water!  On lakes like Lake Logan Martin, Lake […]

Sunday Discussion: Alexander City SunFest / And The Issue Of Beer

Over the week, Alexander City has been making statewide news, and it’s not because of a special event called SunFest coming up, it’s about the issue of allowing beer.  In Alabama, there […]

Good News Fridays: Praising CVS Pharmacy To Stop Selling Tobacco

This week, a major pharmacy chain made a big decision.  CVS Pharmacy will stop selling all tobacco and cigarette products later this year.  And this is a big money decision for CVS.  CVS […]

Sunday Discussion: Crazy Bills In The Alabama Legislature

At times I have to just laugh at some of the bills being proposed in the Alabama Legislature.  I have already posted my thoughts on the School Flexibility Bill the legislature rammed through last […]

What Is Needed in the “Man Aisle”

I saw this story from New York City and I thought this is something that could become very popular!  A grocery store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side has created what appears to be New […]

Embarrassing Day For College Football

Penn State Freeh Report Click on the link to read the entire report: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/sports/penn-state-freeh-report/REPORT_FINAL_071212.pdf?hpid=z2 Today the Freeh Report came out and it’s more than 160 pages of evil.  The report from former FBI director Louis Freeh […]

Oskar Blues Beer in Alabama

Thanks to the folks from Free the Hops a beer that got its start in Alabama is now being sold in Alabama.  Oskar Blues Beer got its start from Dale and Chris Katechis when […]

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