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Embarrassing Day For College Football

Penn State Freeh Report

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Today the Freeh Report came out and it’s more than 160 pages of evil.  The report from former FBI director Louis Freeh indicts President Graham B. Spanier, Senior Vice President‐Finance and Business Gary Schultz, Athletic Director Timothy Curley and the late head football Coach Joe Paterno for showing “no concern” about alleged victims of Sandusky, the one time assistant football coach.

An Embarrassment.

The report showed that Penn State and Sandusky had “total and consistent disregard” for his victims.  The concealment was meant to “avoid the consequences of bad publicity,” the report said.  “These men concealed Sandusky’s activities from the Board of Trustees, the University community and authorities,” the report stated. “They exhibited a striking lack of empathy for Sandusky’s victims by failing to inquire as to their safety and well‐being, especially by not attempting to determine the identity of the child who Sandusky assaulted in the Lasch Building in 2001,” when then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary reported witnessing Sandusky sexually assault a young boy in a locker room.  Basically the university covered up a lot of things to allow a sexual predator to walk around the campus of Penn State.

Reaction from many across social media has been harsh; and it should be! Why did Joe Paterno and other staff cover up actions from a child molester and a pedophile for a decade?  As Freeh said during the press conference “There were more red flags here than you could count over a long period of time.”  This is going to harm Penn State for decades to come.  And you know that the victims of Jerry Sandusky are going to bring on lawsuits over the university.  These lawsuits are going to cost the university probably billions of dollars.  And you know that Joe Paterno’s reputation at Penn State has ruined and tarnished forever.  And if he was still alive he would be in jail right now.  Lots of people are now calling for the statue of Paterno on the campus to be taken down.  And I do agree with those people and no matter how great his record was with Penn State.  The statue needs to come down and I would like to see a memorial of the victims to be put in his place.  Also the president of Nike has announced that the firm is changing the name of the Joe Paterno Child Development Center, a child care center at the Nike headquarters near Beaveron, Oregon, in the light of Thursday’s report on Penn State’s handling of a child sex abuse scandal.  “I have been deeply saddened by the news coming out of this investigation at Penn State,” said Mark Parker.

What should happen to the football program at Penn State.  So far many people on social media have said to shut it down.  And I also agree with them as well.  I believe the Penn State football program should be suspended for at least one year.  And if the board of trustees doesn’t do it the NCAA should do it for them.  The current football students should be offered a chance to transfer and play this fall.  And the coaches should be offered a chance to leave as well.  If Penn State just ignores the people and plays football over the all mighty dollar it would be a disgrace.  You could also look at Penn State being kicked out of the Big Ten Conference over this disgrace.  I would still allow the athletic department to operate other sports on campus but I would suspend the football program for fairness to the victims.  Some people are also asking if Penn State can even survive as a learning institution.  The lawsuits that are coming is really going to hurt Penn State financially.  Plus whose parents in their right minds would allow their kids to go attend Penn State in this embarrassment?  This scandal could be the downfall of Penn State.

This scandal at Penn State is the worst thing to ever happen in college football.  And I hope new steps and policies are put into place to prevent this from ever happening again.  And one more thing; those students who protested in support for Joe Paterno last fall should be ashamed in themselves.  This picture was not good for Penn State at all.


Nick Saban’s Daughter Lawsuit

Read the lawsuit by clicking the link.

Unfortunately this is not the only college football related story today; especially here in Alabama.  Today the news came out that Nick Saban’s daughter named Kristen Saban was filed a lawsuit from Sarah Grimes.  The lawsuit claims that the two got into a fight over a Facebook post after a night of drinking.  This sounds like the classic southern redneck story.  And the use of Facebook is involved in this story as Kristen Saban posted to Facebook: “No one likes Sarah! Yayyyyy!”  this was later deleted.

The lawsuit claimed Grimes and Kristen Saban were playing a drinking game called “Power Hour” with friends on Aug. 28, 2010. After an hour, around midnight, they went to a Tuscaloosa bar called Rounders where Kristen Saban got mad because a guy she had dated wasn’t paying her enough attention, according to the suit.

The group went to a house after last call at the bar and Kristen Saban became emotional, the suit said. While lying on the floor with two other young women the coach’s daughter began saying “how everyone did not understand ‘how it was’ for her … ,” the complaint said.  “After Kristen refused to get off the floor after several people had tried to help her, Sarah looked over at Kristen and said, ‘Kristen, please just shut up. We’re all sick and tired of hearing it,'” according to the suit.  Later, Kristen Saban posted to Facebook: “No one likes Sarah! Yayyyyy!” Confronted by Grimes, Kristen Saban deleted the post, the suit said.

Grimes claims the altercation began when she told Kristen Saban: “That’s fine, but we’re done, you’re crazy.” Grimes contends the other woman punched her repeatedly in the head, grabbed her neck and pulled her hair, leaving her bloody, swollen and bruised.  She was later taken to DCH Regional Medical Center and Grimes claims  “As a result of the beating and the head injuries Sarah Grimes sustained by Kristen Saban, Sarah has had repeated night terrors, anxiety, physical trembling, fears of dying from brain injuries, trouble sleeping, and intrusive recollections of the event.”

I see two things here from reading the lawsuit.  One you should never post anything to social media that might come back to haunt you.  I am sure most of you have heard of someone losing a job or ending up in jail over something they regret posting on their social media accounts.  Kristen Saban made a big mistake by posting something that made fun of someone on her Facebook account.  And the second thing; alcohol was involved.  We always hear of crazy stories when someone has had too much to drink.  These women should have realized they had too much to drink and go home.  But nope; they had to stay out and fight over a guy.  This is a great lesson for all of you.  Don’t drink too much and when you have had too much; go home!

Kristen Saban pleaded guilty to an unspecified offense before the university’s judicial board but was not prosecuted criminally, according to the suit.  It said she was required to undergo psychological screening and take an anger management class.  This story should be a great teaching lesson to all young adults!

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