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Foodie Saturdays: The First Alabama Shoney’s Serving Alcohol

Shoney’s used to be a major staple in Alabama and the southeast.  But the company has shrunk a lot, now they are starting to come back.  And Shoney’s has gotten into the alcohol and bar game.  Some locations are currently serving alcoholic drinks, and one new Alabama location is serving your favorite alcoholic drinks.

The new Shoney’s location in Fultondale, Alabama at 1234 Boots Boulevard has just opened and along with their classic menu with new inspired items, and their always famous buffet, Shoney’s is serving alcohol.  This is a plan by Shoney’s to gradually add alcoholic drinks to some of their restaurants, and several Shoney’s have already done so.

Shoney’s is adding new locations across Alabama, so I would expect that these new locations will probably serve alcoholic drinks too.  Just a sign of the times.

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