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What Is Needed in the “Man Aisle”

I saw this story from New York City and I thought this is something that could become very popular!  A grocery store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side has created what appears to be New York City’s first “man aisle.”   George Zoitas, who is the owner of the Westside Market in New York City told the media that this was originally a joke.  But the idea has become very popular!  Face it; many guys hate going shopping and would rather leave it up to the ladies.  And many single guys would rather grab take-out food or food that is very easy to prepare instead of the multiple ingredients needed to make a dish.  For me; I love to cook so I do like to create recipes when the income is good.  But many guys just do a poor job cooking!  This sketch from “In Living Color” should be proof that many guys can’t cook a thing!

So I thought if a grocery store in New York City can create a “man aisle;” why can’t all grocery stores create a section devoted to guys.  To do this post I went down to my local Winn-Dixie and looked at what would be needed to make the “man aisle.”  First at the produce section most guys would rather buy fruits and vegetables that were pre-packaged and ready to go!  Most guys just don’t want to deal with weighing the produce!

Next; you would need a section featuring all the beers, wines, and alcohol in one area.  Most guys enjoy having a drink and the store needs all the alcohol in a convenient area of the store!

For the guys under 21; you need to have all the sweetened drinks and sodas next to the alcoholic beverages.  Guys don’t want to walk all the way across the store to get their sodas.

Next to the alcoholic beverages and sodas you need to have all of your snack foods.  Nothing goes better during a football weekend then beer and chips!  And you must have these items next to each other if you want to cater to guys!  Many guys would do well on beer and chips!

Speaking of snack foods; you also need to have an aisle featuring all of your cookies, sweets, and desserts.  Face it; many guys would love to devour an entire package of cookies!  And guys need to have an easy way to indulge their sweet tooth!

Now many guys love eating lots of meat!  Many guys are the masters of the grill and they need meat to grill!  But many guys don’t want to deal with cutting up the meat to be ready for the grill.  So you would need prepackaged meat packages like hamburger patties and chicken tenders!

But sometimes guys don’t have time to grill their favorite meats.  So the store needs to have ready to eat meats ready to go!  I don’t know of any guys who don’t like wings.  So a store needs to have many varieties of wings!

Now guys have to also think about dinner for their families.  So a store needs to have ready to eat dinners that are ready to go!  Rotisserie chickens and ribs are great items for any guy to purchase!

Next any grocery store catering to guys would need easy to prepare frozen foods.  Many guys just don’t want to cook and the microwave is a man’s best friend!  TV dinners, Hotpockets, and other frozen items should be around to make sure no guy goes hungry!

Next a store for guys would need a bakery.  Guys don’t want to make cakes or baked goods for their spouses and families.  So a bakery would need cakes, cupcakes, and breads that are ready to go!

And let’s not forget this!  A store for men would need a florist!  Guys do get in trouble with their spouses and flowers are the best way to make a girl happy!

There you have it; this is a checklist a grocery store would need to create the “man aisle.”  I think this concept would do very well!  Guys like to grab what they need and get out!  So having a section inside a store featuring products for men would be a great move!

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