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How To Display Your Collection Without It Looking Cluttered

Whether it’s figurines or old baseball cards, everyone has something they love collecting. There are many things that collectors gush over, but it can get to the point where one’s home becomes a hoarder’s den. Let’s reduce that likelihood by learning how to display your collection without it looking cluttered.

How To Display Your Collection Without It Looking Cluttered

Put Items into Groups

Sometimes dividing items into groups helps improve organization methods. Let’s use sports cards as an example. You likely have binders full of different cards, but some might be mixed together, misplaced, or sitting in storage.

By grouping everything by edition type, you condense the binders. Instead of small booklets, try using thicker ones. The wider your binders are, the more room you have for your cards. You even have more space on the shelves with the help of a file system. A filing system helps many serious organizers sort things by number, letter, or color. Having a system helps keep everything organized and uses up as much space as possible.


Create a Center

Make your favorite collectible the centerpiece of a room. Use long tables against the walls and place a multi-tiered shelf on top to display your favorites. Creating a focal point is especially important if you’ve recently moved and have additional space to create centerpieces.

Get a little more creative and create themed shelves or tables. Ledges and tables are great for featuring your favorite items from the set. Other things that make a prime focus are a hutch or gallery wall.


Rotate Items Out by Season

Another way to make organization less tedious and more fun for you is to rotate things out by season. This is primarily a good idea for clothes. If you have a massive sweater collection and winter’s coming up, start condensing your closet down so that there’s space for your assortment.

It can be difficult as the seasons go on, but ensuring you stick to a system can help you stay on top of what you currently have out.


Treat Your Collectibles Like Art

The other thing about collectibles is that you need to, and should, treat them like artwork. These items are unique and one reason why people should embrace the maximalism homestyle. There are many ways to achieve maximalism in your home, including treating collections like they’re art.

All in all, it’s essential to show off your personality through your home. Don’t hide your collectibles from the world—show them off to others. These are a few methods of displaying your collection without creating a mess. Start putting up your prized possessions to admire and help make the room feel complete.

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