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Why Do The New Alabama And Auburn Car Tags Look Similar


In Alabama, every major school has a specialized car tag available.  The two most popular college car tags are for Alabama and Auburn.  So, every few years every car tag across the state gets a new design.  And for both the Alabama and Auburn car tags, they both got re-designed.  The weird thing, both designs look similar, except for the colors and the team logo.  Here are the new designs for the University of Alabama and Auburn University car tags.


Here is the thing that puzzles me, both Alabama and Auburn have had some amazing designs on their car tags in the past.  I loved the design of this Auburn car plate below.


And this Alabama design with the elephant was amazing!

UA (1)

But it seems like we have gone backwards in the design department once again.  Hey, it’s not the first time designs made from the state of Alabama have gone backwards.  They said the university alumni’s got a chance to vote on a new design, but why did both universities end up with the same exact design?  Oh well, I kind of like the new general issue plate design featuring the mountains and lakes of Alabama.  At least the state did the right thing by recalling this car tag below!

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