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6 Statement Pieces You Should Have In Your Capsule Wardrobe

You have probably landed here searching for a suitable addition to your capsule wardrobe. However, before making your wardrobe suitable for almost any event, you have to be careful in your approach. You have to consider various unique statement pieces for the best results. With an informed approach, you are sure of finding various suitable additions that you can incorporate into your capsule wardrobe. The tips below should help place you in the right position for selection success:

1. Denim Jackets

First on your list of suitable statement pieces for your wardrobe should be denim jackets. The reason is that these are the jackets that you can pair with almost any item in your wardrobe. The other benefit of denim jackets is that you have the freedom to customize them to suit specific use applications.

A good example is that you can customize the jacket to incorporate unique graffiti items that make you look appealing. You can mix different paint products and sprinkle them on your jacket if you feel a little creative. The list of creative choices with leather jackets is immense and flexible.


2. Leather Footwear

You also have to consider investing in leather footwear to have a capsule wardrobe. There are various types of leather footwear products out there you should consider. For a man, the best types would be leather brogues, which often come from regions such as Italy. For ladies, you can for various opt for chukkas or oxfords. The reason is that these are forms of footwear that help complement the quality of your library with significant results.


3. Customized Shirts

Customized shirts are the next important addition you need to have in your capsule wardrobe. The reason is that these shirts are excellent for making a good impression with your attention to fashion wear. You can also go for custom branded shirts, such as those common in movies and other forms of entertainment content. You can also go for the types you can wear alongside family members or close acquaintances. Remember the importance of choosing a high-quality shirt that will also blend well with the other items you have in your capsule wardrobe.


4. High-Quality Boots

Boots are a timeless addition to your capsule wardrobe, regardless of gender. You can wear boots with denim parts or pair them with dresses if you have the right technique for styling. Boots are also important for your ability to maintain and portray a sophisticated sense of style.

The list of boot options you have available is also immense. You can consider cowboy leather boots or faux suede boots in rainy weather for durability and suitable for styling purposes. Or you can go for the suede types, which also blend well with various items in your capsule wardrobe.


5. Black Blazer

You also have to incorporate your wardrobe with another important fashion wear item: a black blazer. The reason is that a black blazer blends well with various types of clothing, and you can wear it in various situations.

For instance, you can wear the black blazer for casual or professional events without looking out of style. Among the factors to consider when investing in blazers is choosing one that fits your body perfectly. Out size blazers tend to look unusual, regardless of the era of fashion that currently exists.


6. Sleek Loafers

The other notable addition to your wardrobe should be a sleek pair of loafers. Loafers fall in the unisex footwear category, meaning that they apply to both men and women. The common types are those with uniform colors and are perfect for blending with various kinds of clothing. You can wear loafers with leather, denim jackets, shirts, and any relevant clothing item. The only drawback with loafers is that they aren’t suitable for outdoor terrains, such as wet or muddy places.


Closing Thoughts

You should consider various factors to ensure you get the right statement piece for your capsule wardrobe. You have to consider complementing your wardrobe because you can incorporate multiple unique elements. Remember that managing a capsule wardrobe requires an informed approach to ensure the best results because style elements evolve significantly.

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