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Best Smart Device For Young Kids: Phone Vs. Watch Vs. Tablet

If you have young kids, then you’re already quite aware of the importance of the decisions you make for them on a daily basis. Of course, this pressure makes tougher decisions even harder to make. One such choice is figuring out which type of smart device will be best for them. That’s why we’ve put together a guide on the best smart device for young kids to have, whether it’s a phone, watch, or tablet. That way, you can feel more confident about the choice you make.

Best Smart Device for Young Kids: Phone vs. Watch vs. Tablet


Let’s start with the most popular choice: the smartphone. This is the one your kid will be asking for, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a great fit. Your child will have to be old enough and responsible enough in order to take good care of this high-ticket item. If they break all their other toys, you probably can’t trust them with a phone that costs hundreds of dollars. Plus, you need to trust that they won’t use their phone to do things they shouldn’t be doing online. Fortunately, almost all phones have some level of parental options to block features you don’t want them to have access to, but smartphones have so many options that blocking them all is tricky.



Now, if you want your kid to have all the conveniences of a smartphone without all the freedom, a smart watch might be a better option. Smart watches offer the ability to text, call, and video chat without the need to be connected to a phone. Obviously, they’ll be some missing features a phone would have, but they’re just as reliable as phones as far as your child will be concerned. Plus, they’re harder to break since they’re attached to your kid’s wrist.



For our final suggestion, we’d like to argue that tablets are the best smart devices for young kids to have, especially if they’re made especially for little ones. You can remove anything you consider dangerous, such as the internet or the ability to contact people they don’t know, while keeping all the fun aspects, such as games and kids’ shows. As a bonus, many tablet-makers create child-focused products with more padding and protection to keep them from breaking if thrown or dropped.


Which Should You Get?

These are all excellent choices, but the decision of which is best for your child is ultimately up to you. We’re just here to give you the info you need to make a well-informed decision. We hope this has helped you better understand the differences between each option.

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