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Explore The 10 Most Common Car Repairs (You May Need One)

Your car is a great tool, but cars do have a finite life although they are built (with the intention) to last. This means that they will break down or need repairs from time to time. There are some common issues that most cars have at one time or another, and you may need one right now. Here are 10 of the most common car repairs.

1. Fuel Pump

The fuel pump pushes gas from the fuel tank into the engine. Many auto repair shops receive calls from customers saying that their car will not start or is difficult to start. In these cases, a common issue is a failing fuel pump.


2. Oil Filter

The oil filter is an important auto part because it filters dirty and impure engine oil from the oil supply system to keep the engine clean and lubricated during normal driving conditions. Over time, as more and more miles are driven on your car, the oil will become dirtier and completely clogged with impurities that come from internal combustion engines. This is a common car repair for a lot of people, but don’t let that persuade you to keep driving without getting it fixed. For convenience, you can simply look for an auto repair shop online by searching something like “auto repair in Elgin, Il” (if you live in Illinois) to sort out your car.


3. Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are auto parts that ignite gasoline and air within the combustion chamber of the engine to effectively burn fuel and produce enough power for everyday driving conditions as well as some heavy-footed situations such as passing other cars on a freeway or merging into freeway traffic from an exit ramp. Without new spark plugs, some cylinders can fire too early, which will cause part of the piston to hit against the cylinder head, causing permanent damage and roughen up internal surfaces over time.


4. Ignition Coils

The ignition coil is an auto part that creates a high voltage spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture inside each cylinder during regular operation. When auto parts like the ignition coil wear out, this will cause issues with engine performance like engine hesitation.


5. Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter auto parts serve a dual function: to control the emission of dangerous gases and pollutants by burning these harmful auto emissions and limiting auto emissions through auto-ignition. When auto parts like the catalytic converters fail, this will cause issues with auto performance, such as engine stalling or auto exhaust that is black, blue, or orange.


6. Refrigerant

Refrigerant auto parts are auto parts that control the air temperature inside your car’s passenger compartment. When an auto part like the refrigerant fails, this will cause issues with auto performance, such as auto temperatures that either get too hot or too cold.


7. Automatic Transmission Flush & Filter

The auto transmission fluid auto part is a vital auto part that serves as the lifeblood of an auto’s internal combustion engine because it transfers energy from the auto engine to auto parts like the auto transmission and power steering systems, which means if your car does not have enough auto transmission fluid, it will have issues with auto performance.


8. Thermostat

The auto thermostat auto part keeps engine temperatures within an optimum range during the engine warm-up phase by controlling the internal coolant flow until it reaches a predetermined temperature necessary for auto combustion to occur. Without auto parts like the auto thermostats, auto performance auto parts like the auto engine and auto transmission will not function properly.


9. Power Steering Fluid

When an auto part like the power steering fluid fails, this will cause issues with auto performance, such as auto brakes that are difficult to use or have difficulty getting auto parts moving in the right direction during auto use.


10. Windshield Washer Fluid

The auto windshield washer fluid auto part provides clean auto glass during intermittent auto washing by applying a quick burst of high-pressure spray mixed with the water from the auto washer reservoir to clear away dirt, grime, bugs, and precipitation to improve driving visibility. Without auto parts like the auto windshield washer fluid, auto performance auto parts, such as the auto radio or auto air conditioner, may cause issues with using auto features.


The Bottom Line

In conclusion, auto parts like the auto spark plugs, auto ignition coils, autocatalytic converter, auto refrigerant, automatic transmission flush and filter, auto thermostat, and auto windshield washer fluid all function to generate sufficient power for daily driving situations. If you suspect that any of these parts are in need of repair, visit your nearest auto shop as soon as you can to get your vehicle serviced.

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