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What Are The Best Sports Tech Ideas To Invest In Now?

Every day, the evolution of technology progresses, and with each progression, different spheres of businesses, means of livelihood, communication processes and much more are touched. Writers often discuss the sports sector at Aussiessay. The sports sector has also been significantly affected by technology. However, the disruption of the usual sporting processes by technology is quite beneficial to the sports industry.

Revolutionary sport-based ideas founded on technology have changed the outlook of some sporting activities, making them fairer and more enjoyable. For instance, goal-line technology in football helps to determine if players correctly scored a goal. In this write-up, through our essay writing service, we will be discussing the meaning of sports tech and the best sports tech ideas for you to invest in now.


What is Sports Tech?

Our writers who engage in thesis writing service thoroughly discuss the intricacies of sports tech in this write-up. Essentially, sports tech is the nexus between sports and technology that creates an ideal sporting experience for sporting competitors and spectators alike. It involves using technology to enhance and improve upon a certain sport, thereby improving the overall execution. In summary, technology that helps with improving the sporting experience is sports tech. So, even a sports-based watch is a result of sports tech.

Factually speaking, through research papers, we discover that technology in the sports sphere is not a new process. It has been around for quite a while; we just did not pay attention to it. However, adding the name “sports tech” gave it an interesting outlook, making it more appealing. For example, cameras that televise sporting activities such as basketball, volleyball, and football are sports tech examples.

Also, an electronic scoreboard that reflects a sporting match is another example of sports tech.  Now for sporting athletes, technology can analyze their movements which can serve as a basis for improvement. So, sports tech also affects the aspect of training in sports.

A recent evolution of technology in the sports tech industry is the use of VAR in football. VAR, alternatively known as video assistant referee, helps make specific decisions that cut across certain categories. Decisions such as validly handing out red cards, the correctness of goals, attempted penalties and even mistaken identity as it relates to handing out a card, whether yellow or red, are handled by VAR. VAR is used in the Champions League, Premier League and Europa League.

Fan-based experience is not left out by sports tech. Through our assignment writing service, we discover that viewers of sporting activities can now watch through AI, AR, and even VR, which are sports-based technology. Live streaming of matches is another after-effect of sports tech. With sporting games, fans that are gamers can use their favorite sports players as avatars to represent themselves in a game.

If you are looking to invest in sports, sports tech is an ideal and profitable choice. Currently, sports tech is estimated to be valued at 17.9 billion dollars. It has been correctly estimated to be around 40.2 billion dollars by 2026. This should be enough proof of the profitability level of the sports tech industry.


Best Sports Tech Ideas to Invest in now

Amongst the various sports tech ideas to invest in, some show more promise compared to others.  Here are some of the sports tech ideas:

1: Beyond Sports BV

This sports tech resides in the Netherlands. They deal mainly with virtual reality experience. In the light of this, Beyond Sports offers every sports fan a virtual reality experience inside the match, including their favorite players or teams. Through this amazing technology invention, sports fans can view a match occurrence through a player’s eyes.

You can recall your favorite moments within a match, enhancing the sporting experience. Beyond Sports BV, technological inventions have already been in use. For example, some of their technologies help in studying critical moments to help teams or players know their weaknesses. Investing in Beyond Sports BV is a profitable move you won’t regret.

2: BBox Sports

BBox Sports is a sports tech industry that is also based in the Netherlands. However, BBox Sports’ specialty is in augmented reality. With an app produced by BBox Sports, you can travel to the largest stadiums all around the globe.  Through this app, you can converse with your favorite sports players.

You can even take photos and make videos with them. However, all these things are in augmented reality. Still, they are based on the actual personalities of the sports players you have access to on the app. Additionally, by using the BBox Sports app, you can check on player’s statistics, personal photos, and so much more. BBox Sports is definitely an ideal investment option.


iSPORTiSTiCS is a sports tech industry that is based in Brazil. They specialize in real-time analysis of a match. iSPORTiSTiCS worked and even refined the Postposition Platform. Usually, the Postposition platform displays a player’s statistics, which helps in the analysis of that player’s performance in past matches.

With the widgets on this platform, you can study and even track the movements of players, athletes and even the trajectory of a ball used in any match. This technology developed by iSPORTiSTiCS is going to be helpful to coaches, sports analytics and even to personnel involved in broadcasting a match. The technologies of iSPORTiSTiCS are definitely worthy of prime investment.

4: Mi Hiepa

The sports tech company Mi Hiepa is based in Manchester in the United Kingdom. Mi Hiepa has developed the Rezzil platform to help with the training of professional football players, and so far, the invention has proven to be very useful. Mi Hiepa’s developments cut across both the software and hardware aspects of sporting technology.

Rezzil has several tests within the platform to sharpen the cognitive skills of football players. Some of these skills, which are backed up by the Rezzil platform, include quick thinking, reaction timing, the flexibility of cognitive reasoning, field vision, among others.

The Rezzil platform awards a maximum of 100 points to players based on four criteria. These criteria include accuracy, reaction-timing, self-control and technique. The Rezzil platform has been bought and used by football clubs such as Juventus, Manchester City, and Liverpool. Investing in Mi Hiepa is going to be worth your while, and this is evident in their technologies.

5: Zone 7

The Zone 7 sports tech industry has branches in Israel and the United States. The technologies they produce fall within the health category of sports tech. This apps allows you to predict injuries that may occur to players before sporting activity. Through artificial intelligence, scanning the medical data of a player is possible.

The app also scans a player’s performance and bio-medical data to check for any crucial sign that can suggest a decline in bodily function. European and American football and basketball teams use this bio-medical technology.

As a result of this, the injury rate in athletes has reduced significantly. Investing in Zone 7 is an ideal option.


This sports tech company is based in Spain, South America. Similar to Zone 7, IDOVEN is centered on health-related issues in sports through prediction analysis. IDOVEN specializes in the medical and technological field of distant cardiology. Distant cardiology helps detect heart-related issues at an early stage to prevent further worsening of the condition.

The monitoring kit was developed and refined by the Spanish company. Through the kit, the analysis of particulars of athletes, such as their health indicators, is possible. With the aid of the special monitoring kit, sports teams can prevent health issues such as myocardial infarction.

Iker Casillas, Real Madrid’s former goalkeeper, a victim of a heart attack, is one of the foremost investors of this project. Investing in the growing IDOVEN is a prudent business move you can take to channel your money’s worth.



The sports tech industry is evolving at an unbelievable rate, and among the myriad of technologies that pop up, there are worthwhile inventions that are ideal for investment; if you invest in the right sporting technology, the benefits to gain will be significant. In this article, we have provided the best sports tech ideas for you to invest, read and make your choice.



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