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5 Things You Need To Become An IG Plant Parent

If you have been on Instagram lately, you have seen how many plant parents are coming up. The plants look so beautiful and are welcome in the home. If you have been thinking about becoming a plant parent, you are not alone. The pandemic had everyone thinking of ways they could be hopeful for the future. Growing a plant is one of the ways. The reason behind this is, seeing a plant grow will give you hope for the future. If you are stuck on what you need to do to become an IG plant parent, here are some tips for you.

Do Your Research

Before you get into being a plant parent, you need to do some research on your plant. Ensure you know all about it, its features, and how it looks in the prime of its life. It also helps if you know if the plant is poisonous to you or your pets. You might find all these things on a plant site, or you could ask the botanist you get the seeds from. You also need to figure out if the space you have in your house will be enough for your plant when they grow. Getting succulents or other plans that do not grow tall would help if you live in a small area.


Figure Out Your Lighting

Plants need light to grow, which you will have to ensure you have in plenty. Before you go for the plant, ensure that you have natural light in your house. If there is no natural sunlight coming in through the windows, you might want to reconsider getting the said plant. The other option would be getting some light bulbs that mimic natural light. Placing your plan under such a bulb will ensure that it keeps growing. You will need to keep this light on for a while, so your electric bill might go a bit high.


Water the Plant Just Right

One of the biggest mistakes new plant parents make is to either drown their plant or dehydrate it. Ensure you do not do that with your new baby. Different plants have different water needs, and these are things you will learn when you do your research. The other thing you need to do before you water your plant is to check the soil around it. If you notice that the soil is dry, then it is a good time to water it. Another thing you can do is look at the leaves if you plant. If they look dry, then you might need to water them as well. It will take you a while, but you can grow yourself a lovely house plant when you figure it out.


Feed Your Plant

Just like humans, plants need to eat. One of the foods your plant needs is nutrients, such as pure sulfur. While many people look at fertilizers as bad, your plant will not grow big and strong without them. If you are looking for an Instagram-worthy plant, you will have to up your game when it comes to feeding your plant. Ensure you balance out the nutrients so it gets a bit of everything. Ask your botanist for tips on what nutrients your plants need and where you can get them.


Repot When Needed

The one thing you realize with plants is that they outgrow their home fast and need to be moved to keep growing. One of the things you need to be on the lookout for is signs that your plant needs a new home. Check to see if any roots are peeking out through the holes. The other sign is, you notice the soil content is reducing no matter how many times you refill the pot. Get a bigger pot that is about 2 inches bigger than your plant then repot your plant. Do not go any bigger as you might smother your plant with too much soil and water.

Being a plant parent is not as hard as many people make it seem. With a few tips, you are on your way to becoming one of the best IG plant parents. The good thing with this is, you can take pictures of your beautiful plant babies and share them on your socials.

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