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5 Product Trends Taking Over eCommerce Markets

In this modern age of technology, it is incredible the number of things that have evolved to make our lives easier—one of these items being eCommerce. With more and more people turning to online shopping for their purchases, there have been many changes in what people shop for and how they shop. Here are 5 big product trends taking over ecommerce markets.

1. Bins and Baskets

As more people prefer to shop online rather than in person, you have to eliminate all the “stuff” that might be covering the actual product. What better way to do that than with bins and baskets? These containers give customers a taste of what is available by allowing them to see them from any angle without moving anything out of the way. This provides a customer with a clear view of all items on a shelf. But it doesn’t stop there! As a bonus, these bins and baskets can also be used as decorative elements outside the realm of brick-and-mortar stores. You should under no circumstance underestimate the value of decorating.


2. Customizable Product

People like their things personalized, which is why customizable products are such big hits with eCommerce shoppers. There are many different customizable products available, ranging from accessories to clothing to home decor! You can even customize high-value items like earrings or necklaces to have your own image, such as sunset jewelry. Customers love that they can make their product unique to them in some way, even if it is just the color. You should remember that customizable products are more expensive, so offering a base product at a lower cost is advisable.

Another big hit is realistic images. Many people dream of the homes they want to have or how they’d like their rooms to look with different furniture arrangements. This is where renderings come in. Realistic renderings allow customers to see how different products will look in their homes before purchasing them, giving them peace of mind and ultimately boosting your business sales. Free mockups are available online, so if you don’t have any graphics programs yourself, feel free to give them a try.


3. Virtual Reality Shopping

Virtual reality shopping is one of the most interesting ways people shop for products these days. This revolutionary concept is essentially switching up the formula by adding a new level of immersion for customers when viewing items online. Instead of browsing through pictures and reviews alone, they can have an actual 3-D view of what they are looking at, which allows them to determine whether or not they want the product more easily. Also, items can be explored from any angle, and customers can see each product in its full detail.

Again, this is a highly customizable item that requires more money and time than other products because it requires 3-D models instead of just pictures. Check out this tutorial for beginners on how to use Blender to create 3-D models.


4. Video Product Descriptions & Reviews

Another great way to make customers more confident in their product choices is by including videos describing the product and showing customer reviews. This adds another level of connection between the user and the brand and other users who have purchased or used this same product before. These videos are highly effective for eCommerce shops because they allow customers a deeper view into what they are looking at and show social proof that speaks higher than any words on a page ever would!


5. 360-Degree Product Photos

Yet another way to better connect with your target audience is through using 360-degree photos of products. These photos give an all-access view of a product so that a customer can see every angle before purchasing. This is an especially popular choice for eCommerce shops that sell jewelry and clothing, allowing customers to see the fine details up close. It also helps them determine if they like how an item might look on them.

Best of all, these pictures give a great first impression to potential clients of products because items are displayed not only as clear but also aesthetically pleasing!


In conclusion

These are 5 product trends taking over eCommerce markets that are on the rise and provide customers with even more reasons to shop online! Which trend is your favorite? Leave your answer in the comment section below.

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