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How To Boost The Appeal Of Your In-Store Decor

When you want people to walk in to your store and feel welcomed, and be in awe of the art and decoration that you have around, there are a few things that you will need to do and a few things that you will need to avoid. You want to decorate with elegance and style, but you don’t want to overwhelm anyone with too much at once. Here is a quick guide on how you can decorate your store:

Avoid colors that clash

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you aren’t using colors that clash with one another. There are so many colors to choose from, but unfortunately, only a few colors actually match perfectly. If you use colors that clash, people will be put off by the design of the decor. If you want to use bright colors, keep that same energy throughout the entire store. If you want to use dark colors, keep things darker and don’t use anything bold and bright.

There is, however, a way you can mix pastel with dark colors if you want to have a variety of colors around.


Make things inviting

You want your decor to be something that people will want to look at, but will need to walk inside in order to get a proper close up. This is what inviting means in this situation. If you have decor that is plain, normal, cliche, or boring, people aren’t going to go out of their way to enter your store. You want to have something about the decor be eye popping, and have colors that pop to catch attention from outside. If you can’t see the decor from outside of your store, move it closer or exchange it for something bolder.


Don’t clutter with decor

While you want to make things open and welcoming, and you want to have decor that will draw people in, you don’t want to have too much. If your store looks cluttered with too much decor, then not many people will actually come inside. This is because they are too afraid that they won’t have space to look around, or they are afraid they will bump into something and break it.


Frame the photos on your walls and on the shelves

This is an important thing to remember when you are decorating your store. You want to make sure that you put every picture in a frame that matches the room and the decor that you already have set up. If you have white walls, have black frames holding your pictures. It’s all about complimentary colors when picking the right frames. You can also look into SEG Frames, these might be a little bit more stylish for you, but traditional frames also work for small businesses that want to look vintage.


Add a rug to tie the room together

If you have a lot happening on the walls or on the windows, a rug is a great way to bring everything together. Whether you have patterns in some places and not in others, or if you just need a good natural color to bring everything to a matching point, a rug is a great way to handle it. Don’t get a fuzzy rug though, as these can bring in a lot of dirt and dust that will be complicated to clean. Get a flat rug so you can easily sweep it clean.


Avoid having too many patterns

If you like patterns, this is great, you will be able to decorate and express yourself with more than just color choices. However, try not to have more than two patterns in your decor at once. You don’t want to have a polka dot rug and a striped wall. You want to make sure that the patterns match, or are designed to not match in a stylish way, or don’t have patterns at all. Too many patterns can be nauseating and people will avoid your store if they feel there is too much happening.

Though these tricks are here to help you decorate your store to boost its appeal, you are free to decorate your business in whatever way you feel is most appropriate. You never want to limit your own artistic and styling ability just to please others. The world is your canvas, so decorate how you see fit.

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