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Aspie Business Reviews: Medieval Collectibles

Like my new Aspie Reviews logo?  I like it!  And this will be the new logo when I review anything.  A while back, I was contacted by Medieval Collectibles to showcase and review one of their products.  Medieval Collectibles has a TON of products you can buy on their website.  They bring you the highest quality medieval replicas from over 200 manufacturers around the world. With over 37,000 products, they are one of the oldest and largest medieval companies in the United States.

Of course, they have plenty of medieval type merchandise, but they carry a wide variety of geeky and nerdy products as well!  I got a chance to review the Sapphire Sentinel Dragon Statue.

The Sapphire Sentinel Dragon Statue is a remarkable fantasy collectible inspired by the unique precious gemstone. The scales of this dragon are beautifully hand painted, with the upper body in black and the underside in silvery blue to match the spines and wings. Curled over its back, the wings are spiked to resemble the points of gemstones. Made of high quality polystone, this dragon statue makes a beautiful home decor piece that will enchant viewers who see its phenomenal detail.

I mean, look at the statue above, it looks beautiful!  The quality is very high-detailed!  And it looks very real!  This has become a great addition to my house.  I was sent the statue to review it for you guys.  But I have also bought a couple of items myself as well.  The first item is a Medusa statue.  Yeah, I love watching cartoons and anime and love it when the characters turn to stone.  The bronze statue is really detailed and looks like a real Medusa!

I also love dogs and animals.  So I have also gotten a couple of wolf figurines as well.  From a wolf pen, to really detailed wolf statues.  They all look very real and are all incredibly detailed!

Medieval Collectibles is a wonderful geek paradise where you can find tons of products from many genres!  If you are looking for something cool to wear, or something cool to decorate your home, visit Medieval Collectibles today!

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Disclaimer: I was sent an item from Medieval Collectibles for review

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