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How To Find And Hire Freelancers To Help Your Company Succeed

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Whether you run a small business by yourself or oversee a company with multiple locations, you may need to hire someone to handle special projects. If you need an individual with particular expertise to perform an assignment for a short period of time, you may want to consider bringing in a freelance worker.


Create a Job Description

Before hiring freelance employees, you should figure out exactly what roles they will perform and the duration of their contracts. Create a job description that outlines the specifics of the project and the skills you require in a freelancer. Incorporate important details to ensure applicants understand the exact commitment they are making.


Find Freelancers

There are many ways to locate freelancers. Ask people in your network for recommendations or referrals to find competent and trustworthy contract workers. If the skills needed are specific to the industry, talk to your mentors or business associates.

If you are more concerned about freelancers possessing certain skills as opposed to a degree, consider posting the job advertisement at local colleges or universities. Students who are studying with the intent to work in your industry may be eager for the opportunity to gain real-world experience.

The internet can provide a valuable tool, as well. Many people turn to online job boards as part of their search. Freelancing marketplaces can be excellent resources since you can post your job advertisement and gather bids. If the freelancers are not vetted or guaranteed by the marketplace, then thoroughly investigate their work history and dependability before hiring. Depending on your needs, you can solicit local, national, or global applications.


Conduct Thorough Interviews

No matter how great applicants look on paper, you should extensively interview them before making a decision. It may be tempting to rush through the interview process, but that is a mistake. Even if the freelancers are only working for a short time, the role they fill can be crucial. A sloppy, unprofessional, or unqualified freelancer can ruin a project and leave you scrambling to clean up the mess. If the freelancer is interacting with other company employees, then consider the personality traits of everyone involved so that the team can work efficiently on the project with a minimum of friction.


Investigate Labor and Payroll Laws

Hiring a freelancer can be a cost-effective way to temporarily boost your workforce. However, it is important to understand all the applicable laws governing contract workers. For instance, failing to properly classify and tax your staff members can lead to serious legal issues. If you’re concerned about handling this aspect of your business, you can use a payroll service that can help keep your payroll taxes in order. For added peace of mind, some services provide your business with tax penalty protection.


Set Boundaries

It is easy for a manager to ask workers to pick up an extra task or go above and beyond their normal duties. However, freelancers are there to perform a specific function, and you should not ask them to assist in other areas. Should the need arise for freelancers to perform assignments outside of their contracted duties, you need to negotiate a new contract with them.

The right freelancers can help your company grow and thrive, as well as help you manage your time better. As long as you understand the applicable labor laws and make your expectations clear from the beginning, you can enjoy excellent relationships with your freelancers.

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