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A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing A Piano Or Keyboard: Everything You Need To Know

Piano players have inspired us for a long time now. Even though the genres of music and the popularity of musical instruments evolved, piano shall treasure the classic limelight. A lot many people are vitalizing this skill or talent. Lately, many millennials who are into music are taking a lot of interest in piano, celesta, synthesizer, especially keyboard-based instruments.

As per a quick survey today, about 25% of the world’s experts are piano experts. But a lot of your practice and passion shall depend on the quality and type of keyboard you choose. It can be a tough choice if you are a newbie to the details of a piano or a keyboard. So, follow these simple pointers!


1.  The Brand You Choose Will Matter!

The brand will have a powerful impact on your entire keyboard playing experience. You will find a large number of companies producing acoustic pianos. Also, these brands carry an excellent reputation and offer a safe choice. One of them that deserves mention here includes Yamaha. It is one of the classic choices of all buyers till today! The Yamaha p515 is perhaps the sovereign among the P series. Indeed, it is one o-f the top-ranked digital piano that is ruling the market now. It also comes with a lot of advanced features.

The features include VRM that is Virtual Resonance Modeling, high compatibility, robust batteries, and above all, fantastic sound quality! But the excellent part is you can also get the Yamaha p515 dust cover packs for your delicate and fine keyboard. These are perfect for increasing your keyboard’s durability!

Often musical equipment stops functioning or showing issues before the legitimate time, and there is no feeling worse than that. This is where the importance of keyboard dust covers comes into prominence. They can save your keyboard from unnecessary damages or glitches caused by uncontrollable debris and dust.

2.  Know About the Type of Piano You Want

The next significant aspect to focus on is the piano type. It will determine a lot of how you play and practice. Different people have different preferences for piano types. If you are entirely new to it, here are the classes you need to know about before you make your purchase!

  • Digital Keyboards – If you are just starting with your musical journey, this would be the stop for you. It offers extreme ease of use; it comes with a simple interface and is affordable. The sound quality is not at all bad if this is going to be your very first instrument.
  • Digital Pianos – These pieces come at a moderate price and are larger. But these can mimic the tones of acoustic pianos quite well.
  • Acoustic Pianos – This is the ideal choice for playing sound quality and experience. However, it comes with a pricier tag than the others.

Each of these types will give you different experiences and features. So, make sure you research enough on every kind before just making your big decision.


3.  The Sound Quality

The sound quality will attain finer and sterner judgment from you if you are a keyboardist. The difference that you will be able to tell, nobody else will. So make sure that you find ways to listen to its sound more than once before you buy it right away. The choice of sound quality is often subjective. Some like mellow tones, while some like bright tones. In simple words, the sound of a quality keyboard shall be filled and round, and you will know the moment you hear it!

Other than that, you can try to focus on the piano sound consistency. Notice if all notes have the same depth and fullness and look for sudden deviations when the volume is high. Are you still unsure? Feel free to opt for a second opinion from any piano technician or a reputed piano professional. They can surely help!

4.  The Keys Are Essential To Consider

Ensure that the keys come with a smooth and soft surface and have no scratch, cracks, or damages. The keys with enough amount of resistance are the best. If your fingers have to put much pressure to exert the sound, probably the keys lack resistance. Also, ensure that the keys have a cushioning effect when you release them.

An adequate cushioning effect while releasing keys is a must to cut down a finger joint stress. The finest way to find these out is to try them for yourself before you buy them. When buying online, go through the product details and reviews well enough.


5.  The Warranty Length

When it is the big-ticket products such as acoustic pianos, warranty plays a significant role. Most of the new pianos come with at least five years of warranty. You should be cautious enough when buying it from any private retailer. Most of the reputed piano brands do not offer a warranty if you buy it from private retailers who are unauthorized. It is best to buy from the brands directly in the long run to be on the safer side and secure your purchase.

The Last Call

Bringing a new keyboard is fun and almost a highly sentimental and emotional; experience for a true instrumentalist. But you cannot be carried away by all the good parts about your new purchase. Modern piano models come in generous packages if you buy them from reputed brands. To make it a wise and fruitful investment, you must be following the above-demonstrated guide!

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