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3 Tips for Hosting A Block Party This Summer

Memorial Day in the U.S. is just around the corner, and many people will get together for cookouts and backyard barbecues. But, it’s really just the kickoff for a long-awaited summer. This summer, perhaps, has been more anticipated than any other. 

In March of this year, more people across the globe were in lockdown than there were people alive during World War II. 

Needless to say, people all over the world are going to want to return to a sense of normalcy this summer as we work through these uncertain times

One way to do that, whether on Memorial Day or another sunny summer day, is to host a block party in your neighborhood. If it sounds like a big undertaking – well, it might be. But, the idea is that you don’t have to do it alone. You can get your neighbors, friends, and family involved. If you want to have a theme that goes along with the party, get specific clubs or groups involved to help out. You can even use resources like the crew app to hire an event crew for help. 

Once you have help on board, it’s time to get the party started. Let’s look at a few tips you can use to make your block party a success. 

  1. Get the Right Permits in Order

The last thing you want is to plan a kickin’ party only to have it shut down by the police right away. That might be a good story to tell in ten years, but it’ll definitely put a damper on the day. 

Thankfully, avoiding that is pretty easy. Most towns simply require you to have a permit. You’ll need to adhere to things like noise and traffic ordinances, but you’ll find the rules are fairly easy to follow. Keep yourself and party-goers safe by having the right legal paperwork on hand at all times. 

  1. Become a Professional Promoter

The difference between a block party for the whole neighborhood and having your friends over for a cookout is that you’ll actually have to promote your event. If you’re going all out to have music, food, fun and games, you want as many people to show up as possible!

Create a Facebook event for the party, put flyers up around the neighborhood, and encourage people who are coming to invite their friends and family. A block party is truly successful when it’s packed, so don’t be afraid to spread the word!

  1. Figure Out Food

A party isn’t a party without food. But, with that many people involved, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to fire up a few burgers on your grill. So, get your core group of volunteers or organizers to band together and hire a catering company to bring in food for the day. Or, you can call a few area food trucks to park in your neighborhood. That way, you don’t pay anything up front, people will just have to pay for what they order. 

Let’s face it, we could all use a little fun and a little reconnection with the people in our communities. Working to throw a block party this summer (while making sure everyone stays safe) is a great way to feel a bit more normal, and a bit more connected to the people around you. 

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