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5 Reasons Why Powerpoint Its Your Best Pitching Resource

You may have heard people criticize the use of PowerPoint in sales pitches. This happens when PowerPoint is used wrong. However, when PowerPoint is appropriately used, it can add power to your sales pitch, making it attractive to management, customers, or investors. The following are five reasons why PowerPoint is your best pitching resource and a great tool whenever you have a business presentation design to prepare. Take note:

1. Deliver Your Message Directly to Your Audience

If you have ever been in a meeting where the presenter talks about many ideas, it can be difficult for you to weed out the noise from what is essential. It is easy for ideas to merge and get lost.

PowerPoint fixes that by allowing a presenter to present their message clearly and concisely. While they may talk about a lot of things on the PowerPoint slide, they can catapult the message they want directly into the minds of their attendees. They can distribute a message so that it is easy for viewers to assimilate and clear layout points that can be used to retransmit ideas to others.


2. Include Videos and Photographs in Your Presentation

Including videos and photographs in your presentation gives your audience something else to focus their attention on instead of listening to you talk. Even if you are a dynamic speaker, what you say starts to become background noise after a while.

Including videos and photographs in your PowerPoint presentation gives you, as the presenter, an opportunity to stop, take a moment, grab a drink, and review your notes. Videos capture an audience’s attention. They give them something to discuss. A video or photograph can encourage people to share their opinion based on their relevance to the topic being discussed.


3. Include Animation

Animations have always been necessary for selling. One of the reasons why is because they allow you to show the evolution over time. For example, animations can be used to show a side-by-side before and after comparison.

Animations used in PowerPoint are a great way to explain how something works. This could be an explanation of how a mechanical object or an electronic tool works. However, it can also explain how an organization is structured or how different individuals within an organization should carry out their roles.


4. Create a Structured Strategy

You have likely seen meetings and presentations go off the rails. It could be that the presenter has created a mental outline but does not have a written strategy. They start to talk, everything is going right, and then they go off on a tangent. This leads to the value of the presentation is lost.

PowerPoint can fix that because each slide serves as a written outline. It helps keep the presenter on track. The presentation will serve a purpose. It is structured to allow communication to flow while bringing ideas to life with outstanding design.


5. Flexibility in Content Sharing

PowerPoint allows you to share your presentation with the world. If someone is unable to be at your presentation, they can view it online at a time that is convenient for them. You can send the presentation via email or use websites like YouTube. They will be able to follow along with the slides, commentary, and transitions.

PowerPoint has a nice feature that allows you to save, send, or create a video. The videos you create are saved in WMV format, making them playable on Windows movie player. PowerPoint is flexible enough that your files can be played on most video sites.

The flexibility of PowerPoint can also be seen in creating customizable slides that fit your needs. If you want to share your message in a text-heavy format or an image-heavy format, PowerPoint allows for that. A text-heavy presentation is informative, so it’s good if you have a lot of information to transmit and want your attendees to take notes. On the other hand, an image-heavy presentation has a more emotional impact. It is suitable for a conversational style presentation focused primarily on visual cues. Most people will use a combination of both when reaching out to their listeners.

PowerPoint is a powerful tool. It allows you to improve your presentations’ quality, transmit ideas in a clear and easy to understand way, and include videos, images, and photographs to bring life to an otherwise lifeless topic.

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