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5 Reasons Why Powerpoint Its Your Best Pitching Resource

You may have heard people criticize the use of PowerPoint in sales pitches. This happens when PowerPoint is used wrong. However, when PowerPoint is appropriately used, it can add power to your […]

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A Student From Alabama Won The Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint National Champion

Yes, you heard that right,  There are national championships available for using Microsoft PowerPoint.  Seth Maddox is a recent graduate of Geraldine High School, and will soon be going to Auburn University […]

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View The Three Food Ideas To Market Yourself In The Job Market Presentation

So, I have been busy this week making some videos and presentations!  I made a new presentation called Three Food Ideas To Market Yourself In The Job Market.  In this presentation, you see […]

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View The Nathan Young Cover Letter Presentation

As you know by now, I have my visual resume up on SlideShare, and as of today it has crossed the 8,200 mark!  That’s pretty impressive for a visual resume, view it […]

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View The How To Blog And Use Social Media Presentation

Over the weekend, I spent time updating a classic PowerPoint presentation that I made over a year ago and uploaded to SlideShare.  My first presentation called “How To Blog And Use Social […]

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