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Over the weekend, I spent time updating a classic PowerPoint presentation that I made over a year ago and uploaded to SlideShare.  My first presentation called “How To Blog And Use Social Media”, was a great presentation that showed the readers how to start blogging and using social media!  The classic presentation was more like a promo for the Geek Alabama blog.  So after deciding on what slides to keep, and what slides to update, I spent the weekend upgrading this presentation!

The new presentation features more pictures, more information, and it looks way cooler than the classic presentation.  I also wanted to update this presentation because I want to have an opportunity to speak and present at a WordCamp event sometime in 2014.  I am hoping someone will enjoy this new presentation so much, I will get contacted for an opportunity to speak!  So now, enjoy my updated presentation called  “How To Blog And Use Social Media!”  If you want to contact me, e-mail me at [email protected]

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