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Common Issues You May Face While Using Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a truly innovative piece of technology that has made it possible for people at home to create a diverse array of maker electronics and computer-centric projects. As a beginner, […]

Ways To Improve Network Redundancy

While commonly viewed as an inefficiency, redundancy is not all bad. To create a network that is as strong and reliable as possible, redundancy is essential. Network redundancy refers to a duplicate […]

Call the Cleric: How To Treat Common Gamer Injuries

When most people think of video game-related injuries, they often think of being virtually shot, stabbed, thrown off a cliff, exploded, or (to briefly bring a decrepit meme out of retirement) taking […]

Easy Ways To Improve Your Gaming Experience

Do you spend multiple hours a week playing video games? Regardless of whether you are a PC or console gamer, you deserve the best experience possible. Thankfully, developing an amazing gaming experience […]

How Famous Tech Products Got Their Names

Inventors tend to seize the opportunity to name their creations after themselves in a bid for immortality, but there aren’t any rules beyond that. Does it help if the name gives a […]

The Rising Popularity Of Cosplay And Geek Chic

Comic book and fan conventions are rising in popularity, with Alabama-based convention Mobicon seeing a regular 1,000-1,200 visitors every year. In fact, 84% of geeks report that people regularly ask them for advice, showing that […]

Cool Applications Of Drones In Everyday Life

The ability to remotely control a flying machine is an inherently fascinating development in technology, and it is now widely accessible in the form of drones. People have also discovered many interesting […]

Keeping Your Geek Stash Clean And Sparkling

Around 85% of all Americans have cell phones, 76% have desktop and laptop computers, and around 42% have game consoles, reports Pew Research. Add to this multiple MP3 players, tablets, e-book readers and […]

Why You Should Wait for A Next-Gen Console

Next-gen consoles are finally arriving this November, and the excitement is gradually building thanks to the recent events Microsoft and PlayStation have been putting on. While you might be tempted to spend […]

Things To Remember When Installing Ethernet Cables

Wi-Fi is more ubiquitous because it doesn’t require wires to connect devices to a network, but you may choose to go with Ethernet instead. Ethernet offers better dependability because it’s less likely […]

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