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Accessories You Should Get For Your DSLR Camera

A good DSLR camera allows you to shoot high-quality photographs and video footage, but it can only do so much on its own. Expand your equipment toolbox and you’ll expand your shooting possibilities. From prompters to lights, take a look at these accessories you should get for your DSLR.

Accessories You Should Get for Your DSLR

Lens Protection Filter

DSLR cameras can get pricey—and so can those extra lenses. Keep your equipment safe from the elements by applying a UV protection filter to your lens. It’ll protect the lens from damage and make it easier to clean!



If you’re shooting videos, whether for a film project or a YouTube channel, a teleprompter will add a professional touch and eliminate pauses and stutters. There are multiple types of prompters to choose from, most of them easily compatible with DSLR cameras.


Padded Camera Bag

A DSLR camera is one of the most versatile, high-quality camera options out there. It’s in your best interest to keep it safe and cushioned. Avoid accidental damage and ensure years and years of use! A roomy, padded camera bag will keep your DSLR and any lenses protected against impact.



One of the most basic pieces of camera equipment, a tripod is a quick and easy way to keep your camera stable. They come in handy if you’re shooting landscapes or nighttime footage. Tripods help you eliminate shake and blur, so you can focus more steadily on your subject.


Extra Battery

Got a long day of shooting ahead of you? Taking a weekend getaway? Make sure your DSLR stays charged and ready for action by packing an extra battery. A fully charged backup will prevent you from having to wait around to recharge your current one before continuing your shoot.

Start your photography or videography career off on the right foot with superior camera equipment and accessories. Your DSLR camera is infinitely useful for capturing engaging footage, so use it wisely—check out these accessories you should get for your DSLR and incorporate them into your shoots.

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