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How To Create The Ultimate Geek Den

Are you one of the 17% of Americans who identify as a geek? A great way to embrace your inner and outer geek is to create somewhere in your home dedicated to everything geek. Your geek den is the ideal place to store your stuff, and it’s where you display your memorabilia and your consoles and games. It will ultimately be your place to relax and indulge your inner geek.

Best Place For Your Geek Den

When deciding where to put your new den, you need to think about how much space you’ll need. You will no doubt continue to add to your collections, so you’ll want to ensure that you have plenty of space to display your treasures. If you like to have friends over to game with, then take this into consideration too. Portable buildings outside such as a shed or even a garage can be transformed into the perfect geek den and give you space, privacy and quiet away from the rest of the household. If you decide that an outside building like a shed is the best spot for your den, make sure that the structure is watertight with a good damp-proof membrane.

Getting Your Geek Shed Up And Running

Next, work out how you will get power to the shed. Make sure you find a safe way to do this. You could run electrical wiring from the house, and install a fuse box in the outhouse. Don’t forget that you will also want to ensure your new den has internet and network access. You can do this by running an Ethernet cable across your garden, or alternatively use wireless networking. As your den will be full of your prized possessions, security should also be a priority. Fit strong locks, and even invest in CCTV systems to keep your geek shed and your most treasured items secure at all times.

Kitting Out Your New Den

Wherever you choose to have your new den, how you kit it out is key to creating your ultimate geek cave. Making an area for your computer and monitors will be a good starting point, along with finding the right spot for your consoles and TV. If you collect memorabilia or character figures, then now is the time to invest in some decent shelving or cabinets to finally display all your collections. Don’t forget your creature comforts either. Of course, you’ll need a comfortable chair for those long gaming sessions. Perhaps even add a small fridge to ensure you have drinks and snacks on hand.

The most important thing about designing and creating your geek den is to have fun with it. It’s your space, so enjoy taking the time to put it together, and you’ll finally have somewhere that you can enjoy doing your favorite things surrounded by your favorite items.

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