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This Is How To Seriously Upgrade Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is bigger than it ever was. From creators running their own merchandise, to millions of views, to hundreds of thousands of subscription, to monetized ads and those who make the culture of YouTube what it is, it’s amazing to see its progress from a simple place to share silly cat videos to one of the de facto amateur and professional video hubs on the entire internet. Major recording labels release new music videos using this service, while young vloggers also spend time documenting their thoughts.

If one famous creator experiences a form of public controversy, you’ll have highly produced videos from many different angles documenting and researching what happened. If a new song gets released, there’ll likely be hundreds of reaction videos analysing their favorite parts. If a new video game comes out, you can be sure many will be streaming it, providing story analysis or showing high level gameplay. YouTube has everything, which means it has space for you to.

If you’re a relatively small content creator looking to step up their game, you might consider the following:

Graphic Design

Your graphic design is important if you’re hoping to take yourself to the next level. You needn’t hire professionals or invest in a hugely nuanced image editor, but simply custom manufacturing thumbnails can help your videos pop, and also help your search rankings. For example, a cut out picture of yourself reacting with a title, or a fun little background can help someone see the video theme before they even read the title. This helps grab attention, and can result in clicks your way.

Recording Equipment

Recording equipment is essential. Thankfully, even the good phones can shoot 4K footage, which is likely not going to be how you choose to delivery content right now. 1080p is better than most. A simply DSLR or video camera can output that now, and you might get away with a more humble product than you expect. However, what you do with it is what counts. Learn the basics of framing, of introducing a scene, or simply keeping a camera steady. It might be your purchase a drone and surrounding equipment from and record excellent overhead shots, or sweeping establishing shots. Little investments like this can really take you to the next level, and help you curate amazing visual flow.

Editing Software

Everyone needs editing software, especially if working with plenty of footage. We’d recommend investing in a simple subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro, or even Avid Media Composer if you’re hoping to become super professional. The former of these suggestions will allow you to start a free trial before you begin, giving you the chance to play with the toolkit before you make your choice to continue paying. It makes all the difference to have a basic workflow like this, and a place to store or label all of your footage. From there you can become more refined in how you sequence your visual offering, and how you improve its viewership.

These simple efforts might take a little time in self-tuition and financial investment, but that is the price you must pay if hoping to grow your channel beyond its current reach. Remember though that products do not gift you a great or popular channel, but your content, consistency and outreach to your community will help make all the difference.

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