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Learn More About The Future Of Medicine

There are new and exciting developments being made all of the time. While we’re probably not going to see Star Wars bacta tanks or Star Trek medical holograms in the future, there are some exciting medical advancements that we are going to experience. One of the most exciting is personalized medicine. Below, we will delve deeper into some of the predictions for the future of medicine.

Personalized medicine

As touched upon in the introduction, one of the most exciting progressions is personalized medicine. In fact, this is something that we have already seen in a number of different research papers, including research on rRNA and rRFs. Jefferson researchers were able to determine that the abundances of a class of short RNAs vary based on the population of origin and the gender of the person.

With the mass data collection that is happening around the world, medical researchers are able to really understand the lifestyle factors that influence our likelihood of contracting certain diseases. They can pair this with the genetic understanding advances, like the research we have just referred to, allows us to have. Just like the world of advertising and online shopping has become more targeted, we can see the medical sector follow this trend too.

Diagnostic artificial intelligence (AI)

We cannot possibly talk about the future of any industry at the moment without mentioning artificial intelligence (AI). there are a number of ways that AI and machine learning may transform medicine. We will see this increasingly applied to image diagnostics so that experts have unprecedented insight into restrictions on the body’s blood flow that could possibly be life-threatening. Plus, we will see AI continue to have a massive impact on clinical trials and the way that they are performed. This will result in improvements in the practicality of use, quality of life, outcomes, and overall patient engagement, as well as reducing costs and clinical development time.

Brain-computer interfaces (BCI)

Finally, another area where we have seen research ramped up as of late is that of brain-computer interfaces. Dr. Christof Koch at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and Dr. Gary Marcus, at New York University have both said that brain implants today are where laser eye surgery was at decades ago. However, in the upcoming years, the field is expected to advance considerably. Professors expect that we will reach the stage whereby a memory chip will give you almost limitless memory or a cochlear implant will grant you perfect hearing. You may even have a retinal chip that enables you the ability to see in the dark.

To conclude, it is certainly an exciting time in the world of medicine. There are a lot of new trends and technological advancements that have emerged over the past few years and will continue to do so. This has the purpose of leading to a healthier and more efficient population around the world. Which advancement do you hope to see in this field?

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