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An Recap Of Annicon 2019 With Pictures And Video

Last weekend, the Spirit of Anniston hosted the 2019 version of Annicon.  Thousands of people came out to enjoy anime, gaming, shopping at vendors, and seeing all the people in cosplay.  This event held at the Anniston City Meeting Center is free and is a diverse celebration of all things Asian including music, costuming, manga, anime, food, history, and cultures.  There is also plenty of other geeky and nerdy things ranging from comics, gaming, cosplay, TV shows – movies, and more were also represented!

And this year, I am going to once again do way more coverage than what our local newspaper did.  On this post, you can view plenty of photos and videos, and it does not require you paying for something behind a paywall.  I don’t charge people money to view my photos and videos!  So below, let’s get started!

The guest of honor for Annicon 2019 was Luci Christian.  She has voiced a wide variety of anime characters and video game characters as well.  She hosted a Q&A where people got to ask questions about anime and voice acting.  Below are pictures and a video of the Q&A!

Annicon this year also hosted a noodle eating contest.  25 people signed up to attempt to eat two bowls of ramen noodles in the fastest time.  The five finalists also have to endure some wasabi in their noodles.  Enjoy a video and photos of the contest below!

Annicon also once again hosted a costume contest.  There were some very creative costumes this year, I really loved that weeping angel!  Enjoy pictures and a video of the contest below!

And here are some general photos from the day spent at Annicon!  I’ll be back for the 2020 version!

Learn more about Annicon at:

You can also find photos on the Geek Alabama Facebook page, and Google Photos.

Videos can be found on the Nathan Young (Geek Alabama) YouTube channel and most videos can be found on the Geek Alabama Facebook page too!


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