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An Recap Of Annicon 2018 With Pictures And Video

Last weekend the Public Library of Anniston – Calhoun County held the 7th annual Annicon.  This event held at the Anniston City Meeting Center is free and is a diverse celebration of all things Asian including music, costuming, manga, anime, food, history, and cultures presented by the library.  But don’t worry, plenty of other geeky and nerdy things ranging from comics, gaming, cosplay, TV shows – movies, and more were also represented!  Around 3,000 came out to this event and everyone had a great time!

And once again I blew away the coverage from this event versus what the local newspaper put out.  I think I did a good job once again! And it does not require paying behind some paywall because I would never charge to access my pictures, video, and articles!  I also don’t own a car and walked quite a few street blocks to get there and back.  The life with living with a disability and unemployed, so let’s get started!

First off, here is a video and photos from Jennifer Cihi at Annicon 2018.  In the video there are a few technical difficulties because a computer froze up, but someone had the songs on a phone and the performance was rescued!

Here are photos and a video from a performance by the Mad Hatter Dance Company out of Birmingham.

Here is a video and lots of photos from the Annicon 2018 costume contest!

Here is a video and photos from performances by Guardian of Troy and The KBK.

Here is photos and a short video from the late night dance party with DJ Denali.

And here are general photos from the Annicon convention.