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Pictures And Video From The March 3, 2019 Alabama Tornadoes

Last Sunday, a tornado outbreak occurred across Alabama and Georgia.  Multiple tornadoes caused damage in numerous towns.  But, the strongest and worst tornado of the day occurred in Lee County, Alabama.  The tornado tore across the small community of Beauregard, Alabama.  And sadly 23 were killed in the EF4 tornado.  This tornado was deadliest since 2013 and broke the EF4/EF5 tornado drought that was over two years old.

In this post below, you can find some of the best videos and pictures from this tornado outbreak.

And here is a list of the names of the 23 killed.

And if you want to help with money donations, there is a direct PayPal link for you to donate.

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  1. Thank you for posting these, Nathan. It’s hard to watch but people need to see just how serious the storms were and how so much help is still needed.