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An Recap Of Annicon 2020 With Pictures And Video

Annicon 2020 is in the books!  Before I feature some of the top things from this convention, I wanted to share a few thoughts I noticed from this year’s Annicon.  First, let’s hope Annicon 2021 is back on a Saturday.  I understand a scheduling issue forced them to move to Sunday this year.  But, if Annicon does not want to face another move like this, they need to book the 2021 date ASAP.  As I know from the Kiwanis pancake breakfast on the first Saturday in March, people can reserve a date at the Anniston City Meeting Center when they book and pay for it anytime.  I hope the Annicon folks will book the 2021 date soon and not wait.

Second, I noticed a couple of the vendors did not show up this year, because I assume of that Sunday move.  And because many have to go to school and work the next day, the crowd really got lighter after the cosplay contest ended.  And I hope they can bring in more food vendors for 2021.  Sure, there was a few food vendors, but many still went to Burger King, McDonald’s, and other places and came back.  I went to the Waffle House during Annicon and a manger there told me about their food trucks that can come!  Other food trucks from Birmingham like the new Milo’s food truck could also come.

And third, I hope they can announce their main guests a lot sooner than a few weeks before the event.  People plan conventions months in advance and announcing the main guests months ahead of time means more might come to Annicon.  One more thing, I spent a little time in the anime room and hardly any people were in the room.  There were many people sprawled out in the hallways instead.  I think making the room where the anime is showed into another gaming room, like a freeplay gaming room with no scheduled gaming events would be a good move.

And for 2020, the Anniston Star never did any coverage of Annicon!  So Geek Alabama will be the only place you will find coverage of Annicon 2020.  Okay, onto the Annicon 2020 coverage!

The main guest of honor for Annicon 2020 was Cherami Leigh.  Below you can find some pictures and a full Q&A session!

The folks from the JSU Korean Entertainment Club did some great Korean K-Pop dancing.  Here’s some photos and video!

People also enjoyed the annual noodle eating contest.  And there was an interesting finish!  Enjoy the pics and video below!

Annicon also once again hosted a costume contest.  Love seeing people in all ages dressing up as their favorite characters!  Enjoy the pictures and video below!

And here are some general photos from the day spent at Annicon! I’ll be back for the 2021 version!

Learn more about Annicon at:

You can also find photos on the Geek Alabama Facebook page, and Google Photos.

Videos can be found on the Nathan Young (Geek Alabama) YouTube channel and most videos can be found on the Geek Alabama Facebook page too!

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