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Aspie Reviews: My Thoughts About IHOP’s New Ultimate Steakburgers

We all now it know, IHOP changed their name temporarily to IHOB.  Even though the name is back to IHOP now, I still went out to try their new ultimate steakburgers.   Each of the new burgers is made with 100% USDA Choice, Black Angus ground beef that’s smashed on the grill, then topped with various ingredients and stuffed into a buttery grilled brioche bun.  So I went to my local IHOP to try one of the new burgers.

And I ordered the Big Brunch burger, the burger comes with hickory-smoked bacon, fried egg, crispy browned potato, American cheese and their signature IHOP sauce.  The burger comes with a side of fries and a drink was included with the meal.

The brioche bun was toasted very well.  I thought the bacon could be a little more crisper.  And the crispy potato might have been a little too browned and crispy, it was still good though.  The steakburger was very good.  There was a nice crust on the burger and it was also seasoned very well with a good amount of juices coming out of it.  The fried egg was good, but I thought the IHOP signature sauce was okay.  I really do not like these thousand island signature sauces on my burgers.  I would go without the signature sauce the next time I went to IHOP.

Overall, the burger was really, really good!  And the full meal with drink was just under $10, not bad for a steakburger at a sit-down place.  IHOP really did re-invent their burgers and did it very successfully.  I recommend everyone to give these new steakburgers a shot.  And on Tuesday, July 17th, you can enjoy a steakburger along with 60 cent shortstack pancakes from 7am-7pm!

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