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Aspie Reviews: KFC Cheetos Sandwich / Burger King Taco

Oh boy, when these two items came out, I knew I had to try them.  First off, let’s talk about the KFC Cheetos sandwich.  The sandwich comes with a fried chicken filet that is coated with Cheetos sauce.

There is also Cheetos on the bottom of the sandwich, and I omitted the mayo.  The Cheetos were kind of stale, and the Cheetos sauce coating was just okay.  The chicken was also just luke warm.  I would not get this sandwich again.  KFC can do better than this.

And Burger King came out with a cheap taco.  Do yourself a favor, skip this and just go to Taco Bell!  The taco was horrible, the meat was just weird, and there was hardly any lettuce and cheese.

The taco sauce was okay, but I thought this looked like dog or cat food.  This taco was not worth the $1 price.

I think this is a lesson to both KFC and Burger King, stick in doing what you are known for, and quit doing these gimmicks.

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