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Aspie Reviews: Jack’s New Homestyle Buns (2022)

Have you heard, Jack’s Restaurants is testing out a new burger bun.  Jack’s says the new homestyle bun is golden brown and fluffy to enhance the quality taste of the brand’s lineup of sandwiches.

So of course, I went to try the new burger bun out!  I got my usual burger order, a Big Bacon with no mayo.


The new burger bun was certainly shiny on top.  And it felt very soft to the touch.


My only gripe was the bun was not too toasted.  I do like a toasted bun.


When I tried the bun with everything together, it tasted very yummy.  The bun had a fresh like it just came out of a bakery type of taste.


And when I just tried the bun by itself, the bun was very fresh, smelled great, and was chewy as well.

Jack’s is only testing this new bun out for a few weeks.  I do think this new homestyle bun is a big improvement from the previous buns they were using.  So I hope a bun like this becomes permanent, so I can come back to Jack’s after their breakfast and freshly made biscuit sandwiches are done for the morning.

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