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Ride The Rampage For Eight Hours Straight In The Alabama Organ Center Coasterthon

At Alabama Splash Adventure in Bessemer, the Rampage roller coaster is a top wooden roller coaster beloved by many.  If you enjoy riding the Rampage, could you do it for eight hours straight, starting at 2 am?

The Alabama Organ Center is holding the Coasterthon on Friday, July 13th from 2-10 am.  Alabama Splash Adventure and the Alabama Organ Center are teaming up to host an eight-hour roller coaster marathon to raise money and awareness about the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation.  Yes, that’s right! Ride a roller coaster for 8 hours!  This event will begin in the early hours of the morning to ride the park’s world-class wooden roller coaster, Rampage.  After the eight-hour coasterthon, participants will be allowed to enjoy the entire day at the park.

The fundraiser will test the stamina of the individual participants.  Rampage takes riders up a 120-foot lift hill and drops them 102 feet at speeds of 56 miles per hour as they travel across 3,500 feet of track.  Participants will be challenged with riding Rampage consecutively for eight hours – representing the eight lives one person can save by becoming an organ donor. There will be mandatory five-minute safety breaks each hour to allow riders the chance to stretch their legs and use the restroom. The fundraisers who last the entire duration and the individual who raises the most overall money will be rewarded with special prizes!

Learn more and sign up at: http://www.alabamaorgancenter.org/index.php/donate-life-coasterthon/

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