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Tips On How To Stop Spending So Much In The Kitchen

It’s very easy to spend a heap of money in the kitchen, particularly if like many people in the south, you associate food with an expression of love, care and kindness.  See, it’s fantastic to be indulgent from time to time, particularly when loved ones are around, but if you’re looking to save money then this is one area that might be helpful to curb your spending.

That said, on the flip side of saving money is the idea of making more in order to fund your abundant lifestyle.  In this vein you might want to search for the best options trading platforms or ways to set up a side hustle, as an alternative approach, but in this article we’re going to look at three ways to help you stop spending so much money in the kitchen.

1. Turn Off Your Appliances

The first has nothing to do with food, it’s more to do with saving energy – which can be surprisingly expensive and certainly mount up over time.  For instance, leaving electrical items on such as microwaves in standby mode will still consume electricity even though you’re not using the appliance.  

Similarly, if you tend to watch TV in the kitchen whilst you cook then you’ll want to make sure you turn the TV off at the plug rather than leaving it on standby mode too.  

2. Eat a Big Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast will not only fill you up with energy for the day and therefore curb your desire for snacks, it will also help you curb your spending when it comes to these snacks and the desire to eat an extravagant (i.e. expensive) lunch.

Breakfast doesn’t need to take hours to prepare either… it can be a very healthy, very quick, and inexpensive meal.  For instance, a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, or muesli, is extremely cheap yet it’s perfectly healthy, particularly when topped with a little fruit.

Breakfast on the go, however, particularly when you’re rushing to work can be a lot more expensive and hasslesome.  It’s also likely to be a lot less healthy than what you would make at home; for instance it’s all too easy to pick up a quick donut or croissant rather than something healthy and filling.

3. Avoid Impulse Purchases

There’s no doubt that if you go to a shop and pursue the aisles for something tasty to eat, rather than go with a specific list of items to pick up, you will end up spending a lot more money than if you write out a list in advance and stick to it.

Food stores prey on the fact most people end up making impulse purchases when shopping, which can be expensive – and this is where a shopping list combined with willpower helps mitigate this psychological temptation.

The other golden rule when it comes to food shopping, is to never go food shopping when you’re feeling hungry, as it has been proven that people spend way more on food shopping when they are feeling hungry.  

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