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Food Review: Brownie Batter Oreo Cookies

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Time for another Oreo review!  And on this Food Review, let’s review the Brownie Batter Oreos!  If you want, you can watch my review below, or read my review beyond the video clip!

Now, the Brownie Batter Oreos come in a smaller package, mostly because this is a specialty product.  The cookies come with two standard Oreo chocolate cookies, but the middle is not the usual vanilla cream.  The middle instead is a chocolate cream that tastes like brownie batter.

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First, I twisted off the top and tasted the cream only, and man it tastes like brownie batter, a very good job Oreo!  And the chocolate cookies were good too.  But, when I tried the cookie as a whole, with the icing and cookies, I had trouble tasting the brownie batter, and it tasted instead like a standard Oreo chocolate cookie.

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One trick I liked is to dip the entire cookie with the cream in a glass of milk, and after doing this the cookie was very yummy!  Overall, the Brownie Batter Oreo cookies were good, but not that great!  The only time I got the brownie batter flavor was eating the icing by itself.  Will I get another package of these Oreo cookies, probably not.  But, I would give them a try!

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With Oreo coming out with a wide variety of specialty flavors, it won’t be long before I do another Oreo cookie review!

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