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Food Review: Burger King’s Halloween Whopper

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Time for another Food Review, and this time I went to Burger King to try their new Halloween Whopper just in time for Halloween.  You can watch my review below, or read my review beyond the video!

The Halloween Whopper claims they baked in A1 Steak Sauce into the bun.  But, when I tried the bun by itself, I barely tasted any A1 sauce.  I believe they put in more food coloring in the buns, and telling by the special colors I saw when I went to the bathroom, I think Burger King put a ton of food coloring into the burger buns!  Anyways, the sandwich comes with the normal Whopper ingredients, but the bun is different.

stuff 095

Now, I skipped the tomatoes and mayo on the burger.  And the burger comes with a flame broiled patty, cheese, A1 Steak Sauce, and your normal burger veggies.  The weird thing is that black bread bun, with white sesame seeds.  I wished Burger King would have made the cheese black as well.  How many times you can say the bun is darker than the burger patty?  This is one of those few times!

stuff 098

After eating a few bites, you can see that the bread looks like its more compacted and squished together than a regular white burger bun.  At the end, I thought the whole black burger bun was just a big old gimmick!  The Halloween Whopper was just okay, the price for a meal was over seven dollars, and the Burger King I went too charged an extra 50 cents for the cheese!  Sadly, I thought the French fries was better than the burger here.  I found myself wiping off the extra A1 Steak Sauce on the burger itself, because I do not like that taste!

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So, I am giving the Halloween Whooper an indifferent rating.  I will certainly not get the Halloween Whopper again.  But, I would get it one time, just to say you had it, and experience the special colors when you go to the bathroom.

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