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Food Review: Oreo Red Velvet Cookies

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Yes, Valentine’s Day is very near!  And that means we see unique food products for the love holiday.  And this year, Oreo came out with limited edition Red Velvet cookies!  This is the newest Oreo cookie in 10 years!  The cookies come in a reddish Oreo cookie with cream cheese flavored frosting in the middle.  Before you read my written review, enjoy my video food review below!

At first, you think Oreo is cheating you out of your money because the package is much smaller than the other Oreo packages.  I guess it costs more to make these special cookies.

stuff 003

Yes, each cookie is reddish in color to represent the red velvet flavor.  As you can see, a lot of red color was used to make these cookies!

stuff 007

I first tried a cookie whole, and you can taste the red velvet flavors!  It was yummy!  Then, I twisted the tops off of another cookie, and only tried the frosting.  Well, I really did not taste much cream cheese flavor in the frosting.  I tried the red velvet Oreo cookie without the frosting, and I did not taste much flavor in them.  In my opinion, eating the cookie whole with the cookie and frosting is the best way to eat these cookies!

stuff 008

Then, I dunked them in milk.  And well, it took about 15 seconds to soften the cookies.  But I thought the cookie lost most of the red velvet flavor.  So dunking them in milk made the cookie worse in my opinion.

stuff 009

So, I think the Oreo Red Velvet Cookies were good.  But something I would not buy over and over again, I guess that is why these cookies are limited edition!  So, if you want to try something out for a limited time and a novelty item, try the Oreo Red Velvet cookies!  I enjoyed them!

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