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Food Review: Brownie Batter Oreo Cookies

Time for another Oreo review!  And on this Food Review, let’s review the Brownie Batter Oreos!  If you want, you can watch my review below, or read my review beyond the video […]

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Food Review: Oreo Red Velvet Cookies

Yes, Valentine’s Day is very near!  And that means we see unique food products for the love holiday.  And this year, Oreo came out with limited edition Red Velvet cookies!  This is […]

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Aspie Recipes: Clone of Hershey’s Sundae Pie

Whenever I go to Burger King, I always like to get a slice of Hershey’s Sundae Pie.  Each slice of pie is individually sliced and ready to dig right in after I […]

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Aspie Recipes: Making Cookies and Cream Cupcakes / My First Cooking Video!

This is an exciting post for me!  Not only you are going to see how to make cookies and cream cupcakes, you will also get to see my very first cooking video! […]

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Aspie Recipes: Deep Fried Oreo Cookies

One Friday night when I went to cover a high school football game I saw something at the concession stand that I have never seen before.  A Fall festival favorite were being […]

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