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More Computer Problems, And It’s Back To Windows Vista For Me For Now


Well, it has been a week.  I thought I was going to have a very productive week here on Geek Alabama, then the computer crashes again.  Now, everything I had important was already backed up on my DropBox, so I did not lose anything important.  But, this latest computer crash highlights the bad need of me needing to get another computer.  I have had this Asus computer almost seven years now, and it has plenty of wear and tear. For example, one of the holders to hold up the screen is broken.

stuff 023

And a part of the plastic around the sides of the computer is also broken.  Because one of the holders is gone, it’s a lot harder to hold up the screen!

stuff 026

The mouse clicker up front is almost broken off.

stuff 024

And I have had to bake some modeling clay and glue feet on the underside to keep the air circulating on the computer.

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But, even with all of that, a computer does not last forever!  And this computer is now on its last legs.  The computer basically did not want to start after I shut it down one night, and the next morning the computer said there was some major error, and I tried everything to recover, but the only option was to re-install.  So, I got out the re-install discs that came with my computer, and I re-installed as Windows Vista.

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Then, I popped in the Windows 7 disc that came later for my computer, and when it was just about to complete the installation, a notice popped up saying the software was not compatible, and it went back to Windows Vista.  I mean, this disc has worked before to install Windows 7, but not this time.  So for now, I will be using a Windows Vista computer with occasional pop-up messages from Windows telling me there are problems with some software.

So after I got to the main screen, I discovered another problem.  I could not use the mouse, or keyboard, or speakers, or even the networking for wi-fi.  Windows kept saying that the software needed some kind of digital signature, and I need networking for internet!

stuff 014

So for now, when I restart or boot up the computer, I will push the F8 button, and select the disable driver signature enforcement, doing that boots up everything, and I can use the keyboard, mouse, speakers, and the networking for wi-fi.

stuff 019

So, there you have it for now.  I will be using a Windows Vista computer, and pray that the computer will survive at least for the next 30-60 days until I get funds to get a new computer.  And yep, a new computer is in the cards, because I MUST have one to keep up on Geek Alabama!  So be good to me Vista, until I get a new computer it will mean no videos, podcasts, presentations, or anything else complicated.  Because I only re-installed the basics to survive for now.  I guess Vista will be not that all bad!

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