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Check Out My Video Featuring Mean Comments: Volume One


It is something I have grown to get used too, the several people on the internet who leaves me bad and mean comments either on social media, this blog, or by e-mail.  Here is something you need to know!  Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are cracking down on those who leave mean comments and cyberbully.  It’s because cyberbullying is not right, and for the people hurt by the bullying, some have killed themselves, and it’s not right!

Since I get plenty of mean comments because of my disability and unemployment, I am starting something new called mean comments.  It’s simple, when I get enough mean and bad comments, I will do a video and simulate the mean tweets you see on Jimmy Kimmel.  It’s time for the cyberbullies to get off the internet and be banned!  Enjoy my first video of mean comments!

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