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More Computer Problems, And It’s Back To Windows Vista For Me For Now

Well, it has been a week.  I thought I was going to have a very productive week here on Geek Alabama, then the computer crashes again.  Now, everything I had important was […]

Sure Windows 10 Is All Good, But What About The Costs

This week, Microsoft reveled Windows 10.  Windows 10 is an attempt by Microsoft to get away from the failed Windows 8, and to get those still on Windows 7 (like me) to […]

Coming Back From More Computer Troubles

Yep, I was offline for most of the day on Tuesday, due to the fact that my computer was not working again.  First, Windows said it could not connect to Windows update, […]

Getting My Computer Running Again

As some of you have known, the last few weeks have been tough on the computer front!  My computer’s hard drive crashed and I had to replace it.  All of my important […]

Having No Computer Sucks!

Yeah, there has been no new posts on Geek Alabama since Monday!  When you have no working computer things get very hard!  I have installed Windows 7 five times now and everything […]

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