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Sunday Discussion: The Internet Was A Mistake

With the protests, COVID-19, and other crazy stuff happening now, a question has to be asked?  Is the internet today a mistake?  Is all the false stuff you find online spurring violence […]

Coalition Encourages Alabama To Expand High-Speed Internet Access

Post by Dennis Washington for Alabama NewsCenter A growing group of business, civic and government leaders across Alabama are working together to improve high speed internet access, especially in rural areas. Representatives […]

Pointless Pursuits: Vindicating Yourself Online

There are a lot of sites around the internet which are known for their toxic and angry communities. With some priding themselves on promoting free speech, and others finding it hard to […]

Today Was A Horrible Day Over The End Of Net Neutrality

Enjoy a video of me talking about this below! So today was a bad day at the FCC.  As expected, the commission voted three to two to repeal the net neutrality rules […]

Today Is The Day of Action to Help Save Net Neutrality

Today is the day MANY websites across the internet including Geek Alabama will participate in the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality.  Yes, there have been protests before, but this one […]

Explore Five Ways To Maintain Your Freedom Online

UPDATE: This post is written by Cassie Phillips. Your internet freedom is constantly under attack, and in many cases, you aren’t even aware of it. There are many programs and special interest lobbies […]

Here Is What I Am Going To Need In A New Computer

So I have recovered from another computer disaster, but of course I did not lose anything important, thank you DropBox.  For now, my computer is still on Windows Vista.  I did try […]

More Computer Problems, And It’s Back To Windows Vista For Me For Now

Well, it has been a week.  I thought I was going to have a very productive week here on Geek Alabama, then the computer crashes again.  Now, everything I had important was […]

Watch And Read Some Bad Comments In Mean Comments: Volume Three

On Monday, I posted a post about how the internet bullies have hijacked my YouTube account.  As I wrote, someone went on YouTube, created a “Nathan Sucks” account, took a weird screenshot […]

Watch And Read Some Bad Comments In Mean Comments: Volume Two

I guess I am becoming one of the most hated people on the internet!  Is it because I have Asperger’s Syndrome?  Is it because I am overweight?  Is it because I have […]

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