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Here Is What I Am Going To Need In A New Computer


So I have recovered from another computer disaster, but of course I did not lose anything important, thank you DropBox.  For now, my computer is still on Windows Vista.  I did try to re-install Windows 7, but the computer said the software was not compatible.  So, I will be staying on Windows Vista until I get another computer.  And I will have to get another computer soon, or I will have to rely on a two-hour computer at the library to get everything I need to get done, which means I will not get everything done.

So, several have asked me what kind of computer I need to get.  Since I started Geek Alabama, and all of the other social media channels including videos, podcasts, presentations, and more, I have been using a Windows laptop.  And as soon as I said “I use a laptop”, several people in person and on social media stopped me and said that I needed to have a desktop computer for the stuff I do.  And it’s true, everyone I know who writes blogs, or makes and edits videos, or records podcasts, or does a lot of social media stuff does have a desktop computer.  And mostly everyone who is professional online has a desktop computer, with two screens!  An example below!

From Wikipedia.

From Wikipedia.

At the end, it is much easier for a computer to go through the processes of writing, editing videos, record game play footage, record podcasts, and much more on a desktop tower.  You can have easier and faster equipment on a desktop tower other than having everything squished into a laptop.  Plus, the computer can be kept a lot cooler, and processing videos and writing on Geek Alabama produces a lot of heat, I am surprised that this computer has not crashed due to the heat yet.  I can hear the fan on this laptop going on max speed while I am writing this post.

So, I will be getting a new desktop computer, the equipment inside needs to allow me to process videos and podcasts, write a ton of blog posts, edit pictures I take, allow me to play games for let’s play videos I want to do, and pretty much everything else to allow me to grow my online presence.  I am already big online now, but I want to take it to the next and huge step, and the only way to make that happen is to get another computer.  The costs for a keyboard, speakers, mouse, and other computer stuff are not much at all.  As for the screens, if I wanted to save money, the local library is selling used flat computer screens for cheap.  For new ones, it’s not that high!  I will also need a cheap desk and a chair to sit on.  I don’t have those in my apartment!

The biggest cost will be the desktop computer itself.  I am thinking I will have to spend around $500-$750 for a new computer set.  But that is not all!  Everyone online who makes videos, or writes online, or is professional online, also has a secondary laptop computer for travel or when the main computer is busy processing things like videos.  The good news is laptops these days are not that expensive, mostly because tablets have taken over.  The laptop will not need to do everything I do on the current laptop I have, it will mostly be for internet work only, with some occasional video and podcast editing work.  So while I edit the future videos, podcasts, and presentations I will be doing, I can use the laptop to check e-mail and social media.

So there you go, the only thing standing in my way is the Social Security Disability backpay, which I have not gotten yet.  I am badly wanting to become even more popular in the online world with more videos, podcasts, posts, presentations, and more.  Having new computer equipment will be a gamechanger!  I can purchase one game and do 100 or more YouTube videos on it, I can do more reviews, I can make more great presentations, and I can grow my podcasts.  I will have to also get a microphone, but that is not that expensive at all.  The biggest question is when the backpay comes?  It needs to come ASAP before this computer crashes again, I guess I will visit the Social Security office again.

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