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Forget The Police, The Snob People Is What’s Wrong With America


This will be a post where I will be talking about the problems with the police around this country. From Missouri to Maryland to Texas, it seems like each week there is another story with video of some police officers acting inappropriately to minority people. To shooting a unarmed black man to death in South Carolina, to beating a Asian person in Alabama, to slamming to the ground a African American teenage girl who was unarmed, and pointing a gun to African American teenage boys, I think we are starting to see a clear pattern. That there are certain people here in America, who wants to see everything like a utopian society. Whereas anyone who is not the same skin color or economic class is an outsider, and even something as simple as walking on the side of a public street warrants a call from the police.

Think about it. Most of these cases involves someone who is a snob calling the cops because they are different. Then the police come out, and some on each police force are like the snobs who called the cops. The snobs are these people who see all minority people, disabled people, and poor people as second class citizens. And these people should have hardly any rights, like the right to vote, and should bow to the people who are greedy, corrupt, and wants to make all the rules. Am I right snob people? Because this latest case in Texas of African American teens in a white neighborhood being harassed by the police only because they were attending a pool party is stupid. In most areas, unless someone was being violent, the cops would not have come out in force like this. But in this neighborhood, it is full of snob people.

I have had some run-ins with some snob people in the past. All for simply walking on the side of the road and having a snob person call the cops on me only because I am different. For starters, I am white, but I do have an Autism disability. And for many snob people, if someone is different from them, even if they are doing nothing wrong, they call the cops. Now, the couple of times I have had a snob person call the cops on me, each time the cops have been professional and nice. After a quick check to see if I had any warrants, I was on my way. About five years ago, I had a run in from a snob cop who threatened to throw me into jail for taking pictures on a public roadway, but most of the time the cops are nice.

These days, more and more snob people are taking more and more power. From politics to the manager positions, these types of people favor a certain few while most of the rest are left to scrape the bottom of the barrel. As for me, since I am disabled, this means I am still sitting at home while being rejected from over 1,600 job applications. And at the same time, some snob people are wanting safety nets, like food stamps, taken away from people like me because these people thinks I am lazy and should not exist on planet Earth. I know, I am sounding a little harsh here, but I am not here to blame 99% of the police for these big harassment stories, because they are doing their jobs. Some snob person called them, and they have to respond and check the call.

Now, some of the actions from the police have been too much. And I have to believe the people on the police forces who have done the shootings and beatings for no reason are probably these same snob people who called the police, and they have the same views and opinions as the people who called them to check on something that is not the same as them. The good news is today, the people who are different have the tools to defend themselves against these snob people. From smartphones with cameras to social media, everyone who is different from these so called snob people have the tools to document and talk about any snob person who is doing something stupid and not right. It seems like the big stories each week on the internet is from some snob person who did something most of us deems as not right, and this snob person is ridiculed on the internet and social media.

Look, I would say that about 80% to 90% of people are folks who care about the poor, cares about the disabled, and would make sure the well being of everyone, no matter the race, sex, or disability, is right. But, there are these certain few people who I consider as snob people, and they need a reality check! Let’s drop these people off in Africa for a few days with no supplies, and let’s see how they survive, if they even survive at all. To wrap this post up, if nothing is done to prevent more snob people from taking positions with power, we are screwed in the United States!

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