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My Thoughts About Ferguson, And The Need For Calm In America


That tweet from me above sums it all up.  We are now entering the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, and you are seeing tear gas being thrown into the air.  What country do we live in?  America, or Russia?  Yesterday, a grand jury decided that Officer Darren Wilson would not be charged with killing 18-year-old Michael Brown on the Ferguson streets.  As soon as the news came out, many people of all races decided to act like monkeys, and loot buildings, turn over cars, and even set businesses on fire.  Now, some people’s livelihoods are gone, people are hurt, and people are questioning race in America again.

Heck, the prosecutors called the 24 hour news cycle and social media “the most significant challenge” in this investigation.  Thanks a lot people who work in the mainstream media, and several people on social media, for blowing this whole thing way out of proportion!  Some also say this case is about police brutality, what brutality?  Most of the police I have encountered are nice and professional.  Yes, I even had a normal citizen call the police on me for this walking on the side of the road, but the police acted great, and there was no brutality encountered.  You people, who hates the police and wants to harm the police in protests, needs a wake up call!

As a result of the Ferguson protests, people have lost their jobs, some people are in the hospital because they have been shot or injured, and you have hurt the feelings of more and more people, all because you thought a white person should have been charged with murder, because he was defending himself from a black person trying to harm him.  Is that right?  Yes, not everyone who is African-American is out on the streets protesting, and most are calling for calm, and peace.  But a few people, of every race, are making America look very bad!  Now, I am sure there will be calls for the federal government to charge Officer Darren Wilson with murder, and I hope they don’t do that, because people have better things to do.

I think people needs to grow up over this whole Ferguson situation.  Even though the officer was not charged, you need to realize that the kid was trying to harm or kill the officer.  This is the case because the grand jury has decided to not charge the officer.  This whole thing is not about race.  It’s about certain people doing anything in their powers to harm the police, because they have the thoughts that the police are evil people.  And sadly, there are certain people who thinks the police are bad.  And sadly, there are also people who discriminate on others who are a different race, or a different gender, or who are homosexual, or who are disabled.

I have met and seen many people in Alabama, and other parts of the country, who have some bad thoughts.  And they also need a wake up call.  Everyone in America, and planet Earth, needs to come together, no matter what race, sex, disability, thoughts, looks, and anything else.  The police are not evil people, and people who are African-American, homosexual, gay, disabled, or a different religion belief, are also not evil people.  I think over the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, each of us needs to look in the mirror, because it’s us who are not equal, who are racist, or wants to cause harm and/or damage.  We need to change, or American will eventually become a thing of the past.

To end this post, I wanted to embed this video from Anniston of the Freedom Riders lantern which is lit.  It reminds you of the obstacles people of all races went through to gain civil rights for all people.  After the Ferguson situation, it seems like we have gone 50 years back.  We can be better than this!

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