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Sunday Discussion: Nike Dream Crazy Ad Featuring Colin Kaepernick

We live in a time where the tiniest little thing will set off some people.  When Kellogg’s removed their ads from BrainFart, people flushed their cereal down the toilet.  When Keurig pulled all […]

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Forget The Police, The Snob People Is What’s Wrong With America

This will be a post where I will be talking about the problems with the police around this country. From Missouri to Maryland to Texas, it seems like each week there is […]

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Sunday Discussion: Blue Christmas, The Rebound, Our Streets

On this Sunday Discussion, on a Monday, I am showcasing three short films that you should watch and enjoy during this holiday break! Blue Christmas What is it with sad Christmas movies? […]

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Sunday Discussion: The Freedom From Religion Foundation And The False Truth Of Police Brutality

On this Sunday Discussion, I am going to talk about two big stories, that should be talked about since this is the last Sunday before Christmas 2014.  First off, I really want […]

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My Thoughts About Ferguson, And The Need For Calm In America

This New York Times picture from Ferguson tells a sad story. We need to pray for these folks tonight! #Ferguson pic.twitter.com/ZJMTT6Gv6k — Nathan Young (@nvyoung) November 25, 2014 That tweet from me […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Downtown Connector Protest / Krog Street Tunnel Protest

On this Roadscapes Wednesday post, on a Thursday, I am talking about two big things that happened in the Atlanta Metro on Wednesday evening.  And these were both some big things!  First, […]

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The NYPD Twitter Backlash, And Why You Should Not Launch A Feel Good Hashtag

Sometimes, brands and organizations wants to promote some feel good things on the internet.  To do this, brands and organizations will start a hashtag on social media in the hopes that it will […]

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