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John Oliver Slams Cities Over The High Fees Of Municipal Violations


Did you know that in DeKalb County Alabama, a speeding ticket costs $255.50?  And with the minimum wage of $7.25 in Alabama, it would take over 35 hours of working to pay that off?  Yep, many cities in Alabama and the United States have tacked on outrageous fees to simple crimes like running a stop sign.  Cities are doing this because they need the revenue, and raising taxes would mean the city leaders would lose their jobs.  And sadly, not paying these high fines even means you could go to jail, or lose your license!

And it gets worse, private probation companies have come in to supervise those who have to pay these crazy fees.  And in the video, John Oliver showed how these private probation companies have sent over 14 million dollars to municipal courts in Alabama.  The problem, these companies also charge outrageous fees, and keeps poorer people into a spending trap.  Where they continue to pay fees, but not pay the cost of the ticket.  And if you do everything, and can’t pay the tacked on fees anymore, you go to jail.  And I thought debtor’s prisons was outlawed in America?

So, why do cities in Alabama and across the country charge these outrageous fees for simple violations.  Instead of maybe raising taxes or cutting spending so cities can have the basic services like police and fire?  Enjoy this video from Last Week Tonight below!  And be sure to watch to the very end!

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