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Sunday Discussion: Happy Birthday Odin

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This is one of those Sunday Discussions I want to share!  13-year-old Odin Camus has Asperger’s Syndrome and gets bullied a lot in school.  So, he wanted to have friends to come and celebrate his birthday party.  Sadly, no one RSVP’d.  And his mother did not want to see Odin go through his birthday with no celebration.  So, Melissa Camus posted something in a Facebook group for local moms asking for help to make Odin’s birthday special.  Here is that post.


Thanks to the internet, the message went viral!  People wished Odin a happy birthday by using the hashtag #OdinBirthday.  And more than 5,000 people RSVP’d to attend Odin’s birthday party.  And the birthday party had a lot of people there!

And judging by the reactions on social media, Odin had one very special birthday!  I even left a tweet for him!

Here are some other reactions from Twitter I liked!  Happy Birthday Odin!


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