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Animation Monday: Aug(De)Mented Reality

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This week on Animation Monday, on a Monday this time!  I wanted to feature a video series on the YouTube channel Hombre_McSteez, and it’s something you should check out!  The series is called Aug(De)Mented Reality by Marty Cooper, and it’s a unique animation technique involving traditional animation cels and a iPhone with a stop-motion app.  The first video came out in May 2014 and has over four million views!

The second video called Aug(De)Mented Reality 2 came out in November 2014, and it shows you how he mostly creates his drawings.  With white out, paint pens, transparent sheets, and a Sharpie.  The video has over 500,000 views!

And now, Aug(De)Mented Reality 3 is now out!  And it even shows you more behind the scenes.  This is almost like drawing for a cartoon series.  You draw one frame, shoot it, then draw another frame, and shoot it, and so on.  This video even has Adam Savage from Mythbusters being hit by a cartoon pool ball!  Enjoy!

And you want behind the scenes, right?  Then enjoy this video from the Tested YouTube channel!  Wonderful stuff!  Marty is a talented animator!

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